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Clockwork carnage by re-volt
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Emoticon - Triggered SammyClassicSonicFan by Yukkurifan64 Emoticon - Triggered SammyClassicSonicFan :iconyukkurifan64:Yukkurifan64 1 0 Emoticon - Stare SammyClassicSonicFan by Yukkurifan64 Emoticon - Stare SammyClassicSonicFan :iconyukkurifan64:Yukkurifan64 0 0 Emoticon - Serious SammyClassicSonicFan by Yukkurifan64 Emoticon - Serious SammyClassicSonicFan :iconyukkurifan64:Yukkurifan64 2 0 Emoticon - Fully rage angry SammyClassicSonicFan by Yukkurifan64 Emoticon - Fully rage angry SammyClassicSonicFan :iconyukkurifan64:Yukkurifan64 3 0 Emoticon - Fully rage/angry SammyClassicSonicFan 2 by Yukkurifan64 Emoticon - Fully rage/angry SammyClassicSonicFan 2 :iconyukkurifan64:Yukkurifan64 1 0 Emoticon - Rage/angry SammyClassicSonicFan by Yukkurifan64 Emoticon - Rage/angry SammyClassicSonicFan :iconyukkurifan64:Yukkurifan64 1 0 Emoticon - Rage/angry SammyClassicSonicFan 3 by Yukkurifan64 Emoticon - Rage/angry SammyClassicSonicFan 3 :iconyukkurifan64:Yukkurifan64 2 0 Emoticon - Rage/angry SammyClassicSonicFan 2 by Yukkurifan64 Emoticon - Rage/angry SammyClassicSonicFan 2 :iconyukkurifan64:Yukkurifan64 1 0 Other - SAVE THE NET by Yukkurifan64 Other - SAVE THE NET :iconyukkurifan64:Yukkurifan64 1 0 Glitch Fakemon -  II (player Name) by Yukkurifan64 Glitch Fakemon - II (player Name) :iconyukkurifan64:Yukkurifan64 5 0 Glitch Fakemon - M W by Yukkurifan64 Glitch Fakemon - M W :iconyukkurifan64:Yukkurifan64 4 0 Giana Sisters - C Giana and C Punk Giana by Yukkurifan64 Giana Sisters - C Giana and C Punk Giana :iconyukkurifan64:Yukkurifan64 7 7 Giana Sisters - Maria and Punk Maria by Yukkurifan64 Giana Sisters - Maria and Punk Maria :iconyukkurifan64:Yukkurifan64 5 7 Giana Family - COTD 1 level download by Yukkurifan64 Giana Family - COTD 1 level download :iconyukkurifan64:Yukkurifan64 1 3 Giana Sisters - Giana and Punk Giana by Yukkurifan64 Giana Sisters - Giana and Punk Giana :iconyukkurifan64:Yukkurifan64 3 5 Stamp - Great Giana Sisters supporter by Yukkurifan64 Stamp - Great Giana Sisters supporter :iconyukkurifan64:Yukkurifan64 2 2
So,what are you looking for?
Object show, Animals, Manga, Game, Flags, Wallpapers, Clockwork Carnage, MLP, Animations, Emoticons, Macro Micro, OC Ponys, My Cars, Adoptables, Fan Bouttons, Pixels BFDI, Stamps, Re-volt, Countryballs and Other?
All this in my own gallery!

Random Favourites

MissingNo. Aerodactyl form by Twarda8 MissingNo. Aerodactyl form :icontwarda8:Twarda8 894 38 Missingno Stamp by SailorSolar Missingno Stamp :iconsailorsolar:SailorSolar 1,232 131 Missingno by M-A-C-D Missingno :iconm-a-c-d:M-A-C-D 275 235 MissingNo - handmade plushie by Piquipauparro MissingNo - handmade plushie :iconpiquipauparro:Piquipauparro 542 52 MissingNo. by PyroDarkfire MissingNo. :iconpyrodarkfire:PyroDarkfire 683 303 000 - Missingno. by Devi-Tiger 000 - Missingno. :icondevi-tiger:Devi-Tiger 207 60 Missingno Cosplay by KiRAWRa Missingno Cosplay :iconkirawra:KiRAWRa 256 153
My Missingno Story
My Missingno Story
The following story is completely true. This experience forever changed my way of viewing inanimate objects.
I was just your average 10 year old when I first got my copy of Pokemon Red. And like any other kid at the time, Pokemon was the BOMB, the best thing out there.
As surprising as it was, everyone in my class had the game. We all took our gameboys to school and would play the game together on recess.  Helping each other out if we ever had trouble, trading high leveled pokémon in order to clear the gyms, or just guide each other through the game.
They were wonderful times, and I made memories that I will cherish forever.
One day a friend of mine got the game, and my group decided to help him out by lending him our most powerful pokémon. So he could quickly clear the game, and catch any pokémon he wanted.
And so I said goodbye to my first pokémon Chacha.
Haha, yes laught it up. I know you're snickering and I know you're gues
:iconragingdragon04:RagingDragon04 373 618
Missingno. sprites by RacieB Missingno. sprites :iconracieb:RacieB 430 81 Missingno by hollowzero Missingno :iconhollowzero:hollowzero 703 151 MissingNo. by sedge MissingNo. :iconsedge:sedge 657 225
Missingno. Report
Missingno. (the Glitch) is a mysterious life form that has managed to change the face of the Pokémon world all by itself despite the fact that it is almost never seen today. Spread across the world in places that no one would ordinarily imagine, Missingno. and its cryptic children are a deadly reminder of what the human race is capable of producing in the worst of cases and is something that all trainers, regardless of their experience, should stay far away from for the sake of survival. They might not be anything more than freakish beasts that are pointless and rare enough to be of little concern, but underestimating these monsters is about the worst mistake that anyone could make; come across one and refuse to leave, and you too will learn to fear the cybernetic abominations that are the corrupted children of man and machine!
The origins of Missingno. date back to the year before the Porygon Project was completed and serve as a good example of why biology and science rarely work
:iconmutitus:Mutitus 129 553
MissingNO by Slab-art MissingNO :iconslab-art:Slab-art 434 84
Crunching data late oNe night
lEavinG someThing NoT quite RIGht
a creatURE thAt we RArely shoW
hiDDen To the eASt of bLane
An oDd paTCh wHere yOu'll obtaIN
glItCHes,blOTchEs,bRoken thinGs
flyINg creAtures WithOUt wiNgs
aNd a MOnster mighTy sTranGe
tOWering iN OPEn raNge
whY he'S THEre,wE DON't knOW
IF yOu caTcH hiM,sTAy On yoUr FEet
wITHouT wARninG hE'll DeLETe
(ThoUGH iT Is a MIGhTy fEAt)
Don'T sENd hIM tO yOUR p.C.
OPen pArTY,thAT's tHE kEy
BuT maKE $uRE YoU sET hiM frEe
OnCE hE's yoURs IT gETs quITE oDd
fOR thRoUgh WAlLs yOU'lL oFtEn TrOD
A BlOCky ShDow,t.V. sNoW
WTer/FLying,He sHoulD BoAST
THe Rel FIrst 1  iS GYRadoS
(NOw tHAt'S a MoNSter wITh tHe mOST)
HE ShoOTs WTer gUNs nd sKY aTTacK
(nd A PoKE-MaNiAC)
WiTH NonSENsE HE hs GoT @ KNack
RAisE HIm uP 2 WElL P@sT DaWN
nd He'Ll TUrn In2 K@NGASkahN
I SUre W0n'T Mis$ HiM WheN He'S GoNE
@ MOnsTer WITh WEIrd LEVel Gr0w$
:iconwolfoftime8113:wolfoftime8113 51 29
Missingno. by Midna01 Missingno. :iconmidna01:Midna01 2,181 279
Come and release me from the
Water you caged me in
Do an automatic shutdown.
(I'll) Writhe around into
Bones and ghosts
Haunting your experience
Turn that L around and you'll see me.
(Do an automatic shutdown.)
You can't run away and you can't lose,
Or all is lost
What do you plan to do?
You can't beat me
I'm here to make you miserable
Filling in spots from 152 - ?
I am just a replacement, not meant
To be here
This is my revenge
(Shut down/Power off.)
So I've gone down and all is fine;
You'll see me again.
Don't go too far,
You could make me corrupt you all
Don't worry about it though, I am
A glitch, everything will be A-OK
Don't go too far,
You'll see me again
I unleash my wrath and watch the suffering
Maybe you should do an automatic shutdown
(Power off/Automatic shutdown.)
Imprisoning me;
It's a second time
First inside reality, now a cage
Hold me on your belt,
Just you wait
I am just a replace-
(Automatic shutdown.)
Don't record in your journal;
You've doo
:iconsashathefox:sashathefox 43 42



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Hey guys, if you really enjoy my art, please donate if you want to support me and my creativity. Thank You and have a nice day!
This is just for :icondahub: But donate if you like!

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Fan Buttons
Fan buttons for 20 point :)
Customs cars
My customs cars for 10 point :3


Hello everyone :)
Today i make a collab like all the toons i wanted are there.

The rules :
1) Choose one, two or three maximum toon(s).
2) Draw your chosen toon(s), he must have a evil face, he must be in full body and you can do in your own art style.
3) The background must be invisible or one color. A specific background is not accepted.
4) You don't must give a specific name of your pic(s). A name like "Collab entry" by exemple is good.
5) You can submit your pic(s) in DeviantArt or your
6) I don't want trolling or joking.
7) This collab is for my watchers and my friends only (new watcher welcome but I would prefer if you were a watcher and if you liked my artwork) Here my Gallery >>>….

The rule if you want to choose your toon(s) :
1) You must comment in this journal if you choosed your toon(s). Don't need to note me.
2) Don't take the toon(s) that are already chosen.

The toons :
Toon Jiiuhneh : Toon Jiiuhneh by TheRealFuhnNehztKehd (OPEN) l Toon Duarhk Jeeawnhurr : Toon Duarhk Jeeawnhurr revamp by TheRealFuhnNehztKehd (OPEN)
Toon Jowioohnuh : Toon Jowioohnuh by TheRealFuhnNehztKehd (OPEN) l Toon Twupeekuh : Toon Twupeekuh by TheRealFuhnNehztKehd (OPEN)
Toon Maweenuh : Toon Maweenuh by TheRealFuhnNehztKehd (OPEN) l Toon Meelewtyuh : Toon Meelewtyuh by TheRealFuhnNehztKehd (OPEN)
Toon Buondeehnur : Toon Buondeehnur by TheRealFuhnNehztKehd (OPEN) l Toon Gwudmuh : Toon Gwudmuh by TheRealFuhnNehztKehd (OPEN)
Toon Guwioohnawr : Toon Guwioohnawr V3 by TheRealFuhnNehztKehd (OPEN) l Toon Jiieehnun : Toon Jiieehnun by TheRealFuhnNehztKehd (OPEN)
Toon Zuweeh : Toon Zuweeh by TheRealFuhnNehztKehd (OPEN) l Toon Jowioohner : Toon Jowioohner V3 by TheRealFuhnNehztKehd (OPEN)
Toon Mahriiyuh : Toon Mahriiyuh V3 by TheRealFuhnNehztKehd (OPEN) l Toon Jiawhnuh : Toon Jiawhnuh 2.0 by TheRealFuhnNehztKehd (OPEN)
Toon Geeawhner : Toon Geeawhner by TheRealFuhnNehztKehd (OPEN) l Toon Goiawhnur : Weegee Fad - Toon Goiawhnur by TheRealFuhnNehztKehd (OPEN)
Toon Jaiahnor : Toon Jaiahnor by TheRealFuhnNehztKehd (OPEN)

User(s) Joined :

There is some examples that what look like if all toons are made : Ultra Evil Dewhtii Muhcstuhfeenz by TheRealFuhnNehztKehd  Ultra Evil Jowioohner and Mahriiyuh by TheRealFuhnNehztKehd  Ultra Evil Oulee! by TheRealFuhnNehztKehd

There is no deadline for that collab.
  • Eating: Cookies :3
  • Drinking: Apple juice :P


Also i hope my SCSF emoticons will be overused like my Rainbow Dash Swag emoticons. Rainbow Dash SWAG 2Rainbow Dash SWAG
Just for saying if you wonder why i submitted many SCSF emoticons, it just because two SCSF emoticons got removed. So i submit eight different SCSF emoticons if you want to use them for fun or other.
Can i get some comments on my Giana Family battle level?
Giana Family - Battle test 2 by Yukkurifan64
Just a minor update that the Giana's Return site is back! :D (
Well, i have the impression that Giana Family became a annoying game. not the entire game, just the multiplayer game mode. I hope one day Giana Family will bring back his popularity like in 2005
I'm a bit scared... I can't access the Giana's Return site ( Did the site is closed? :(
Just a minor update i faved my arts Giana Sisters, BFDI, Unowns, SammyClassicSonicFan, Super Minecraft Kid, Glitch Pokémon and my Bases on my fav collection for some raisons.

P.S. : I know, it's weird.
I already made 3 Giana levels on Super Mario Bros X 1.4.4 today. 3 LEVELS!?
It just the level 1-0, 1-1 and 1-2
I will submit the Hunger Game episode 5 today (because about of tomorrow).
it's been awhile IDFB episode 2 don't come out. Jacknjellify become lazy?
I found a remix of The Great Giana Sisters here >>>
It's strange i have 180 views today... Sound bad
I reached the 20,000 views!
Thank you so much to everyone :D


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